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Aerochine completed 60-month inspection of a Bell 407 helicopter

Zhenjiang, China——Recently, Zhenjiang Aerochine Aviation Limited (Hereinafter referred to Zhenjiang Aerochine) successfully completed the 60-month inspection of two Bell 407 helicopters. 

60 months inspection is one of the most demanding inspection works among Bell 407 helicopter fuselage maintenance plan. Achieving quality results requires technical strength of the maintenance team. This time, Zhenjiang Aerochine finished disassembly and decomposition inspection on Bell 407 helicopter main and tail gearbox, free wheel assembly, main drive shaft and front short shaft. In addition, the dynamic and static balance adjustment were also completed. The entire inspection was successfully completed according to customer's time requirements, and the helicopter flight test status was good. Through effective control of the project process, the customer's aircraft stoppage time was shortened, the customer maintenance cost was reduced, and the customer's praise was won.


Zhenjiang Aerochine has the expertise and a full set of special tools required to perform the 60-month inspection of the Bell 407 helicopter, and is willing to provide technical and tooling support at any time.






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Zhenjiang Aerochine was established in October 2015 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aerochine Aviation Limited. It served as a CCAR-145 unit of the CAAC since September 2016. And in November 2016, Bell Flight approved Zhenjiang Aerochine as the Authorized Maintenance Centre (AMC) in greater China region. The company's business scope covers helicopter maintenance and repair, technical engineering custody, spare sales, installation and modification, etc. The team members have rich experience in helicopter and general aviation.

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Aerochine Aviation Limited or Aerochine is headquartered in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) with offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. With its wholly owned subsidiaries in Ningbo and Zhenjiang, Aerochine put extraordinary effort in providing holistic customer services to clients including aircraft sales & leasing, sales & delivery of spare parts, as well as aircraft maintenance.