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Jane Churchill’s Interior Design

Jane Churchill's interior design work has made her a household name in the UK and abroad for over thirty years. Her interior design business, with a shop in London’s premier design district on Pimlico Road can count private houses, châteaux, apartments, country estates, rick- shaws, and a Rolls Royce amongst their projects.

Unlike many interior designers who work from a specific style, Jane’s approach mixes a traditional English style with a modern twist, combining classic and contemporary ele- ments so that each project is unique and personal to the client. Every design project is individually cared for with the utmost attention to detail; Jane and her team believe in working closely with their clients in order to meet each requirement, where creating a comfortable environment that connects personally with the client is the most impor- tant aspect of their work.

As a consultant for Aerochine Aviation, Jane designs be- spoke helicopter exteriors and interiors. The schemes are centred around simple colours and comfort for the best in tailored luxury travel.

Customization Options and Supervision 

AP Completion Services is a business aircraft completion company with extensive experience, and tailors its expertise and services to customers who may not have the time to dedicate every day, regular super- vision for their aircraft's completion process. To date, the company has successfully delivered more than 70 business aircraft. With a dedicated tracking and reporting service, AP Completion Services not only meets customers' needs, but guarantees the aircraft's reliable and timely delivery status for the customer's peace of mind.

Delivery Service

Aerochine Aviation's professional team possesses extensive experience in aircraft factory inspection and delivery acceptance, assisting the customer in completing his or her aircraft delivery inspection, documents inspection, and among others-ensuring that the aircraft fully meets the airworthiness requirements of the Civil Aviation Admini- stration of China.

Reassembly & Return to Service Flights

Aerochine Aviation's maintenance team possesses the appropriate maintenance licenses and type dispatch autho- rity. The team can complete aircraft-to-shore assemblies and conduct test flights and related services, and ensure that the aircraft's airworthiness during final delivery meet China's civil aviation requirements and the customers' actual needs.